ThermoClear is a non-invasive radio, high frequency technology that treats to removes benign skin abnormalities. Penetrating Only the top layer the epidermis of skin. Its a fast and effective way to remove any unwanted skin imperfections.

Clients commonly see instantaneous results, usually in only one treatment.

ThermoClear quick and easily treats:
     • Telangiectasia
     • Spider Naevi
     • Clogged Pores
     • Acne Pimples
     • Skin Tags
     • Spider Capillaries
     • Sun Spots/Age Spots
     • Cherry Angioma
     • Milia
     • Cholesterol Deposits
     • Keratosis
     • Fibromas

• Immediate results
• Precise treatment of minor skin imperfections
• Non-invasive
• Minimum client discomfitrt
• No anesthesia required
• Rapid treatment time

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