Is This the Fountain of Youth?
SeroVital™-hgh Fact Sheet


Both medical experts and human growth hormone (hGH) users have long believed that having increased hGH levels can help reduce wrinkles, decrease body fat, increase lean muscle mass, strengthen bones, boost mood, improve sex drive, and make users look and feel decades — not years, DECADES — younger. That’s why this oral hGH compound is truly the most astounding scientific breakthrough in decades… Period.


What Is Human Growth Hormone?

Hormones are regulators of cellular repair, growth, metabolic rate, sexual function, and muscle and bone growth, as well as promoters of the breakdown of subcutaneous fat. One particular hormone, human growth hormone, is secreted in the body by the pituitary gland and plays a key role in the healthy functioning of many of our bodily systems. Many experts claim this hormone is the key to being lean, young and vital. The problem is that our body’s production of hGH peaks in adolescence, but takes a rapid nosedive after that. The medical community has believed for years that this drop in hGH levels is at least partially — and possibly hugely — to blame for the drier, less-radiant skin, decreased muscle tone and increased fat, decreased sex drive, and other age-related problems we have to deal with as we get older.


How Is Human Growth Hormone Used?

Doctors began using hGH as a radical new treatment for children as early as the 1950s, and the results were miraculous. However, the hormone itself was not widely available because initially, it had to be harvested from the pituitary glands of cadavers. Then in 1981, researchers developed a synthetic version of human growth hormone called somatotropin, and the hGH revolution exploded across the United States. Initially, athletes and bodybuilders seeking to give themselves an “edge” over the competition were the only ones using it, but eventually many doctors began administering it to their most privileged clientele as a sort of “anti-aging therapy.” And it’s no secret that hGH has now become the exclusive “youth formula” for the rich and famous of Beverly Hills.


How Is Human Growth Hormone Administered?

Until very recently, the only clinically proven way to increase hGH levels in the body was through the use of prescription injections.


Why Not Use Human Growth Hormone Injections?

There’s no doubt that hGH injections are clinically effective. The problem is that they are expensive... costs can exceed $15,000 a year or more. What’s more, they’re not “natural.” They artificially increase hGH levels, and many experts, including the famed Dr. Oz, fear this can interfere with your body’s natural production of HGH. Your body recognizes that it’s getting hGH from somewhere, so it may stop manufacturing — or limit its own production of — the hormone, which can lead to long-term issues.


How Was SeroVital™-hgh Developed?

Researchers have tried for years to develop an oral compound that could influence HGH levels, but have never been able to create a formulation that produced clinical results. But that all changed when — after over three decades of research — a group of scientists at Pennington Biomedical Research Center at Louisiana State University released a study showing there’s an oral compound capable of supporting the pituitary gland’s production of more youthful growth hormone levels. This is huge news for consumers, because it means there’s finally a way you can experience peak hGH levels… without the cost and inconvenience of prescription injections.


What Is SeroVital™-hgh?

SeroVital-hgh is an orally ingested supplement shown in a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial to actually increase bioactive, serum (blood) growth hormone levels. By how much? 682%.* 


How Does SeroVital™-hgh Work?

The functional compound in SeroVital-hgh is an amino acid blend. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and therefore a common and very safe component of the daily diet. But this revolutionary research revealed that a specialized blend of amino acids, when taken on an empty stomach, has a profound effect on the human body. And that effect is on the pituitary gland, where human growth hormone is secreted. Dr. Amy Heaton, PhD, Director of Scientific Affairs for SanMedica™, explains, “We believe this is the basis of SeroVital-hgh’s efficacy, because after taking its proprietary amino acid blend, study subjects experienced a 682% increase in their serum growth hormone levels. This is a completely groundbreaking discovery, because it shows that people can increase their serum hGH levels more naturally… without having to resort to an artificial form of human growth hormone like prescription injections.”



What Were the Study Results?

The Pennington study was a randomized, cross-over, double-blind clinical trial where men and women between 18 and 70 years of age were recruited. Subjects were scheduled for two testing sessions a week apart where, after an overnight fast, blood samples were drawn over a period of 120 minutes after consumption of either the proprietary SeroVital-hgh blend or placebo capsules. Neither the subjects nor the investigators knew at which session the subjects received the SeroVital-hgh blend and at which session they received the placebo. At the end of the study, the samples were tested for serum hGH levels, and the results were independently analyzed. The results: the SeroVital-hgh blend led to a 682% increase in serum hGH levels at 120 minutes.* (p=0.01 vs. placebo)


Who Can Use SeroVital™-hgh? 

Many so-called “hGH” pills are marketed strictly for men between the ages of 18-30 (which is ironic, considering that young males are already at the peak of their natural production of hGH). But here’s the breakthrough with SeroVital-hgh. Its active amino acid blend works not only for young males, but has been shown in clinical trials to be effective even on middle aged men and women. SeroVital-hgh works on young and old, male and female, across the board.


So What’s the Catch?

There are two. First, you have to take SeroVital-hgh on an empty stomach. That means you either have to take it first thing in the morning and then not eat anything else for two hours, or take it at least two hours after eating before you go to bed. Secondly, while SeroVital-hgh is far less expensive than prescription HGH injections, which can run upwards of $15,000 a year or more, it still isn’t cheap. Unfortunately, at about $100 a month it’s still a bit more pricey than many people can afford.