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Laser Hair Removal


Laser Hair Removal Packages

Small Area

Chin, Lip , Sideburns, Neck, Underarms, Happy Trail, Feet, Hands, or Upper Lip  
$100 per area                                                $450 Package of 6

Medium Area

Full Beard, Full Head,  Half Arms, Brazilian, Bikini, Buttocks
$150 per area                                                $750 Package of 6

Medium/Large Area

Full Arms, Half Legs, Abdomen, Chest
$200 per area                                                $1000 Package of 6

Large Area

Full Legs, Full Back
$250 per area                                                $1250 Package of 6

Revage 670 Laser

(Unclogs Hair Follicles to Grow Hair)

$100 per month

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

Lower Face and Neck                             149

Lower Legs & Feet                                  150

Lower Legs/UA/Braz                               269

Mid Line                                                    75

Neck, back                                                50

Neck, Front                                                70

Nose                                                          35

Shoulders                                                  90

Sideburns                                                  39

T-Shirt                                                       350

Underarms (pair)                                        50

Upper Arms                                               99

Upper Legs                                               170

Upper Lip                                                   25

Whole Arms & Hands                                180

Whole Face                                               175

Whole Head                                              149

Whole Legs & Feet                                  280

Whole Legs/UA/Braz                                369

Back                                               175

Back and Shoulders                     250

Back Shaving Fee                          20

Bikini                                              119

Buttocks                                         99

Cheeks                                           39

Chest (pecks)                                125

Chin                                                39

Chin/Jaw/Lip                                  99

Ears                                                50

Eyebrow                                         50

Eyebrow (Center)                            15

Feet                                                45

Full Body                                      549+

Hands                                             45

Happy Trail                                     35

Lower Arms & Hands                     99


Sun Damage and Age Spot Treatments


New Service! Sunspots form as a result of excess pigmentation due to too much ultra violet light, which obviously is of greater concern at the end of summer after long periods of sun-exposure. With that being said, it’s also important to note that sun damage can stay with you for more than ten years. The Getaway Spa recommends 1-2 sessions with our Alexandrite laser. This laser uses thermal energy to destroy the brown spot. You will feel heat with each pulse.

Post-treatment, the unwanted sun or brown spots will become darker in color and flake off over the course of a week.


FACE/NECK   $350

LARGE AREA (lower legs or lower arms)   $500

(1-2 sessions recommended)



At The Getaway we use Cynosure’s Yag Laser Vein Removal treatment to minimize vascular skin concerns such as facial redness and facial veins also referred to as thread veins, spider veins, broken capillaries on the face and Rosacea.  Laser Vein Removal is also highly effective laser treatment for Rosacea, venous lake on lip area, poikiloderma on neck area and cherry angiomas on body areas.

Related Skin Conditions

  • Thread veins
  • Spider veins
  • Broken capillaries
  • Facial veins
  • Facial redness
  • Rosacea
  • Venous Lake
  • Cherry Angioma
  • Poikiloderma

Benefits of Laser Vein Removal

  • Clearer complexion in minutes
  • Medical grade laser
  • ·Visible reduction of spider veins, thread veins, broken capillaries
  • ·Treats all skin types safely
  • ·Minimal discomfort
  • ·Effective Rosacea treatment

See more on Vein Therapy in our Frequently Asked Questions Section below.


Single Treatment (Face or Neck)  $300

3-Session Package $700

(3 Sessions Recommended)

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hair by means of exposure to pulses of laser light that destroys the hair follicle. Laser hair removal is the only FDA approved method for permanent removal of unwanted hair.

Am I a good candidate for laser hair removal treatment?

At The Getaway Spa we will do a thorough evaluation to ensure you are a good candidate for laser hair removal. Different factors can play part in your treatment plan which we will take into account. Most importantly, determining your skin type, hair color and medical history to properly select the right laser technology which will give you the optimal result from each treatment. Please contact us for a complimentary consultation and evaluation today.

How many treatments will I need?

We offer our treatments in package of 6 sessions. Since our body's hair growth is dictated by a growth, transition and resting phase, we will perform treatments over 6 sessions to ensure every hair follicle is permanently treated and removed. You will see significant reductions following each treatment.

Is laser hair removal treatment safe?

Laser hair removal is absolutely safe and effective when performed by certified and trained medical professionals. At Prime Laser only trained nurses and certified laser hair removal technicians under physician supervision perform the treatments. This will ensure you receive a safe and effective treatment each and every time.

Is laser hair removal painful?

The short answer is NO. We use the newest and most advanced laser technology to treat our clients. These lasers are designed to make treatments comfortable while ensuring absolute best results. We offer a complimentary test treatment so you can feel what an actual treatment may feel and look like. Most clients describe the feeling like a mild snap of rubber band hitting the skin with a puff of cool air. 1 out of 10 clients will choose to use a numbing cream in the more sensitive areas such as underarms or bikini area; while 9 out of 10 clients do not need any numbing at all. Generally laser treatment is described much more comfortable than waxing.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Yes, laser hair removal is the only FDA approved method for permanent removal of unwanted hair. While individual results may vary from person to person, choosing the right laser technology, treatment parameters and treatment providers can and will directly affect how good of a result one will get.

Sun Damage and Age Spot Treatments

What is an alexandrite laser?

An Alexandrite laser is one that uses an Alexandrite crystal is used as the laser source or medium. The Alexandrite laser produces a specific wavelength of light in the infrared spectrum (755nm). It is considered a red light laser.

How does an alexandrite laser work? 

The wavelength of high energy light emitted by the laser is converted to heat energy and this damages the specific target area. Thus Alexandrite lasers work by a process of photothermolysis: this means using light (photo) to heat (thermo) a selected area for destruction (lysis).  Alexandrite lasers cause very precise tissue destruction of the lesion and leave tissue in the surrounding area undamaged.

What is an alexandrite laser used for?

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a range of Alexandrite laser machines emitting infrared light (wavelength 755 nm) for various skin disorders. These include Ta2 Eraser™ (Light Age, California, USA), Apogee® (Cynosure, Massachusetts, USA) and Accolade™ (Cynosure, MA, USA), Individual machines may be specially designed to focus on specific skin problems.


How many laser treatments can I expect?

Vascular lesions may require multiple treatments. The treatment time depends on the form, size and location of the lesions as well the skin type.  Small red vessels can usually be removed in only 1 to 3 sessions and are normally invisible directly after the treatment.

Several sessions may be necessary to remove bigger veins and spider veins.

Are there any side effects from alexandrite laser treatment?

Side effects from alexandrite laser treatment are usually minor and may include: 

  • Pain during treatment (reduced by contact cooling and if necessary, topical anaesthetic)
  • Redness, swelling and itching immediately after the procedure that may last a few days after treatment.
  • Rarely, skin pigment may absorb too much light energy and blistering can occur. This settles by itself.
  • Changes in skin pigmentation. Sometimes the pigment cells (melanocytes) can be damaged leaving darker (hyperpigmentation) or paler (hypopigmentation) patches of skin. Generally, cosmetic lasers will work better on people with lighter than darker skin tones.
  • Bruising affects up to 10% of patients. It usually fades on its own.
  • Bacterial infection. Antibiotics may be prescribed to treat or to prevent wound infection.