1.    Take an antihistamine or decongestant 30 min before your procedure if you suffer from watery eyes

2.    Bring pictures of eyeliner you want

3.    If other than black eyeliner bring your eyeliner pencil for a color match

4.    Shapes & styles will be discussed before procedure

5.    Stop using any lash enhancement serum for 2 wks.  These products thin the skin & can cause bleeding during procedure.

6.    If you are currently on medication or under a physician’s care for any reason Diabetes, Auto Immune disease (including pregnancy), please let us know prior to your appointment.

7.    To help eliminate discomfort, do not: Drink caffeine prior to appointment this will alleviate nervousness – Don’t drink alcohol prior to appointment this will cause more bleeding

8.    Aquaphore will be given to you at the end of your procedure & instructions will be given to you then on how to apply

3.     Please leave children at home.

5.     Do not take any aspirin or aspirin products at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

6.     to help with any discomfort when you get home, have cotton balls available (you can put them in ice water & squeeze them out) to place on eyelids. When no longer cold just throw away & repeat with new cotton balls.

Removal of contacts & eyelashes is recommended (If you do not remove eyelashes make sure to make your appointment 7 – 10 days before or after the application of your lashes) there are no guaranties that any lashes won’t be removed during the procedure.

7. no eyelash tenting for 48 hrs before or 2 wks after

8. Bring Sunglasses (your eyes may be sensitive)

You will be fine to drive home.


AFTER CARE OF EYELINER – Avoid for 1 week

No direct Water

            No Steamy baths, No steamy long showers, no pools, no hot tub, no beach for 1 week

             Absolutely no scrubbing or picking

            No makeup on the eyes

            No retina A products

No soap, facial cleaner around the eyes (if eyes get wet – Pat Dry no rubbing)

No rubbing of tattoo area

No visine like product that gets the red out – only use Refresh or Natural tears

Aquaphore should be applied sparingly 2x a day until it is healed

If you are unsure about aftercare & have any questions, please send a photo & explanation of your concerns Darla will get back with you as soon as possible.

Remember the pigment will be lighter after you are healed, 40% of clients want a touchup this will help insure a darker & deeper color. 

Any additional application to make your eyeliner thicker is a $50 charge

Any future touchups are $75.