1.    Bring pictures of brow shapes you like

2.    Bring your brow pencil or makeup color you like – if you don’t have one. Darla has a lot of colors to choose between.


4.    If you like your shape please tweeze & pluck 48 hours before you come & Darla will take measurements & make sure your as symmetrical as possible before starting

5.    Do not take any aspirin or aspirin products at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. Check your medications to see if any are blood thinners and let Darla know.

6.    Do not Drink alcohol the night before your appointment

7.    Botox should be done at least 1 week before or after the procedure

8.    Numbing will take 30 min

9.    Measurements will be taken, drawing on of the brows will be done by either you or Darla.

10. Darla will NOT Tattoo you if you are unsure on the style & shape.  Most Permanent makeup can be removed, but it’s a long process & its best to wait until you are sure of what you want.

11. Aquaphore will be provided for you & instructions for application will be given to you after procedure.


AFTER CARE OF EYEBROWS – Avoid for 7-10 days

No direct Water

No Steamy baths, No steamy long showers, no pools, no hot tub, no beach for 1 week

Absolutely no scrubbing or picking

No makeup on the tattooed area

No retina A products

No soap, facial cleaner on the eyebrows (if brows get wet – pat dry no rubbing)

No rubbing of tattoo area

Aquaphore should be applied sparingly 2x a day until it is healed

If you had any bleeding during the application of your eyebrows – this will cause loss of pigment in those areas.  (the blood mixes with the pigment & will come off with the scab.

If you are unsure about aftercare & have any questions, please send a photo & explanation of your concerns Darla will get back with you as soon as possible.

Remember the pigment will be lighter after you are healed, 40% of clients want a touchup this will help insure a darker & deeper color.

Any future touchups are $75.